Building Supplies


At Thomas Surplus, we offer a full range of building material options.
Thomas Surplus is an
independent Building Supply Dealer, still in business in Central Florida.

At Thomas Surplus, we not only provide prompt service and on-time delivery, but will always uphold that “down home” feeling of friendly, personal attention
to every individual who visits or calls our store.

2 thoughts on “Building Supplies

  1. You did not mention that when purchased it can not be returned. My contractor purchased metal and did not notice it was rusted. He tried to return it and was told he could not. He also paid FULL retail for rusted material.

    1. Hello sorry your upset on what your contractor purchased. The metal purchased as all of our goods are sold all sales final with no returns or exchanges. The metal loaded on the contractors trailer was inspected by him personally each sheet as loaded. He also got an additional discount from the original quoted price at checkout. There are huge yellow signs posted all over the yard stating our policies and at the checkout area

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